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From Airport Transfers To General Private Hire

A Private Taxi Service For the Whole Of London

Our dedicated team of professionals are so proud of our exceptional reputation as a quality airport transfer taxi service. We not only wish to maintain this reputation but grow it, right to the heart of London Town. Our private taxi service now operates across the Capital and its Greater regions. If you need a minicab, whatever the occasion, be it a business lunch, taking your clan to visit a relative across town, a night out with the girls (or boys), make Amitours your private taxi transfer service choice.

Our Minicabs Always Know The Best Routes In London

Our drivers have been around the town a fair bit in their time and consequently know the streets of London like the back of their hands. Not only do they know the best route to get you to airport on time, they also know all the best routes to get you anywhere in the Capital. Here, perhaps the best route isn't necessarily the quickest, maybe it is the most scenic, allowing you to take in some of the sights. Maybe the best route is via that lovely little café no one else knows about but our drivers are able to recommend based on their intimate knowledge of the City. Whatever the best route means to you our drivers know it. Just speak to them, let them know if you have any special requests, you’ll find them friendly and receptive.

A Comprehensive London Minicab Service

We aim to keep our clients satisfied and are committed to maintaining our high standard in business relations. We are always looking to form new relations with new clients and are positive that our extensive knowledge of London along with our good attitude and dedication to providing high quality at all times has enabled us to offer a comprehensive minicab service. We are confident we’ve got the lot, but if we’ve not, then we’re always willing to learn and build upon both our experience and reputation.

Our minicabs were chosen for their comfort, safety, practicality and reliability - with you, our clients, in mind. For us your safety  and comfort are paramount in providing a good minicab service. Our fleet of choice, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Traveliners - other than the reputation of Mercedes-Benz this title may not mean too much to you, but the benefits are clear when you travel with us. This vehicle has a spacious interior, with ample room for yourself and up to seven other passengers.

Booking Could Not Be Easier:

With our competitive prices, luxury cruisers, experienced drivers and easy booking options it's not surprising we have a strong reputation amongst our clients and competitors. Why not find out for yourself? Whatever your private hire needs, airport or otherwise, give us a call to get your quote +44(0)203 239 6477 or use the booking form at the top of the page. With many booking options available to you our friendly staff are always happy to advise.