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Getting to London from Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport, located to the northeast of London is the third most important airport serving London, and the fourth busiest airport in the UK. Stansted handles more than 14 million passengers per year which are fed in by 14 airlines.Stansted is well outside of the usual transport zones for London, but it services by regular coaches, trains, and airport transport services that are I place to ferry passengers between the airport and their destination in London.

Stansted to London By Train

Like Gatwick and Heathrow, Stansted has a regular train service which links the airport with London. The Stansted Express is the principle train serving the airport.

Upside: Stansted Express offers the quickest commercial route between Stansted and London, running on a regular service every fifteen minutes from Liverpool Street Station which is well connected to underground stations throughout London.

Downside: The Stansted Express train service is only available from 5am until midnight, meaning that passengers arriving late at night or very early in the morning will not be able to use the service to travel into central London.

Price: Like the express services for Gatwick and Heathrow, the Stansted Express offers a set price for all journeys. The price for an adult dingle ticket between Liverpool Street Station and Stansted Airport just over £23 while a return ticket costs around £32.

Stansted to London By Underground

Stansted Airport is outside of London’s normal travel zones, with no direct link to London Underground Services. Passengers are not permitted to use their Oyster Card or Travel Card for journeys to and from Stansted Airport on any form of transport.

Stansted to London By Coach

Stansted is serviced by three separate travel providers for travel to central London; National Express, EasyBus, and Terravision.

Upside: With three companies offering transport to Stansted there’s almost always coach places available and services from some providers run throughout the night. Passengers can choose to travel to Baker Street, London Victoria, or Liverpool Street dependent on the bus company.

Downside: Services to London Victoria and Baker Street, provided by National Express and Easy Bus respectively, can take more than an hour and a half. Services to Liverpool Street take between 45 and 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Price: Terravision has a standard price of £9 for services between Liverpool Street and Stansted. National Express buses cost between £10 and £15 while the EasyBus service averages around £8 though the company does advertise lower fares.

Stansted to London By Minicab Taxi Transfer

A minicab or taxi transfer is always the best option from Stansted airport. After a long journey, passengers are keen to check into their hotel without the hassle of waiting for buses to arrive and travelling from stations at the other end. A direct transfer by taxi into central London can be surprisingly cost effective, and quicker without the need for scheduled drop-offs en-route to your final destination. Taxi transfer services like Amitours offer a private and direct service between Stansted Airport and your hotel or final destination. Taxt transfers can be booked ahead of your flight so the car is waiting when passengers exit the departure gates. Your Amitours driver will be easy to identify as he’ll have your name displayed on an I-pad.

Best Price Stansted Airport transfer to London

Amitours' Stansted airport transfers are priced on the journey, rather than on a per person basis. If three passengers choose to travel together to Liverpool Street from Stansted Airport, at 4am by Amitours airport taxi, they’ll pay around £20 per person – similar to the price of a ticket on the Stansted Express train during normal operating hours.