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Getting to London from Luton Airport

Luton Airport is the farthest of the four main airports that serve London. Being further away it is more difficult and more expensive to travel between Luton Airport and Central London, and thre are fewer regular services available.



Unlike Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, Luton does not have its own dedicated ‘express’ train service. The nearby station is served by national rail services from First Capital Connect and East Midland Trains.

The Good

From London Paddington, the journey to Luton Airport’s Parkway Station is reasonably quick at around 40 minutes, but passengers should note that there is a further 10 minute bus journey to take into account once the train has arrived at Parkway Station.

The Bad

As passengers will be travelling on a normal service train rather than a dedicated ‘express’ service, they’llbe sharing the journey with commuters and other travellers. Also trains are scheduled to stop at other destinations along the way which means the service can get extremely crowded at peak hours.

The Price

The standard price, off-peak for a train running directly between St Pancras International and Luton Airport is £14. Trains running at peak time may cost more, and offer might be available for tickets booked well in advance. An anytime ticket, one way, is £16. Return ticket prices vary depending on time of day, whether dates are fixed, or if it is necessary to book an open return ticket.



Luton Airport has no direct links to central London by underground train. The airport is outside of London’s usual travel zones; Travelcards and Oyster Cards are not valid on trips to Luton airport using public transport.


Luton Airport is served by three coach operators; National Express, Easy Bus, and Greenline. Main pick up point in central London are Victoria, Baker Street, and Marble Arch.

The Good

With three companies servicing Luton, coaches between the airport and London are frequent. Greenline advertises an express service, with few pick-up point between the point of departure, and the airport. Greenlines runs a service every 30 minutes throughout the night

The Bad

Transfer times can be quite lengthy with EasyBus to Baker Street taking around 1hr20, National Express to Victoria Coach Station lasting around the same, and the Greenlines express service taking around an hour to reach Brent Cross in north London. Travelling from drop-off point to a final destination can be awkward when travelling during peak hours, or with a lot of luggage in tow.

The Price

Taking a coach transfer from Luton Airport to central London can be reasonably cost effective with EasyBus offering the lowest prices – advertising tickets form as little as £2 – but prices are more likely to be closer to £8 each way. The standard National Express price for a one-way transfer between Luton Airport and London Victoria is £5 or most journeys. Greenline coaches have a set price of around £17 for all journeys between the airport and London.


Taxi Transfer

Private taxi service is by far the most comfortable and convenient way to travel between Luton Airport and central London.

The Good

Passengers will travel directly from Luton Airport to their chosen destination, right to the door, without stops on the way. There’s no need to worry about moving luggage between different modes of transport. Amitours taxis operate 24 hours and will be ready to pick you up from your flight no matter what time it lands. Drivers will identify themselves with an I-pad showing the name of the passenger they are there to pick up.

The Price

Whether travelling along, or with a group, travelling by Amitours private airport transfer service is both cost and time effective. Prices are based on the length of the journey, rather than the number of people traveling. If three people travel in the same private Amitours airport taxi the cost remains the same at around £65, travelling into west-central London.