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Getting to London from Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is the UKs busiest airport, taking in more than 65 million passengers each year. Each day thousands of new arrivals land, and have to find a way to get from Heathrow Airport into central London.So what are the options for getting from Heathrow Airport to central London? The choice are vast; there’s train, underground, regular coaches, and airport taxis, but how to choose?

To London By Heathrow Express

There’s a regular service by train, between Heathrow and London, aptly names the Heathrow Express. The service runs directly between London Paddington and Heathrow Airport throughout the day.

The Good: The service is regular, with train every fifteen minutes and the journey to Heathrow Central also takes 15 minutes, though passengers wishing to reach terminals four and five will have o catch a connecting train from Heathrow Central to their destination.

The Bad

Heathrow Express is not a 24 hours airport transfer service which means it is useless to passengers who need to catch an early morning or late night flights. Likewise for passengers who land between midnight and 5am. Anyone who needs access to Heathrow throughout the night would need to find an alternative method, like a reliable London airport taxi. While Paddington Station is reasonably central, it is also extremely busy. Passengers who arrive during morning or afternoon rush hour could find it difficult to manoeuvre luggage through the crowds. 

The Price

Heathrow Express is affordable, at £20 for a single, and £34 for a return ticket. The return portion of the ticket is valid for one calendar month after the outward journey.



The London Underground network is extensive and runs a regular service. Underground trains run directly from Heathrow to stations in London including Kings Cross, via the Piccadilly Line.

The Good

The London Underground offers the cheapest route from Heathrow Airport to central London and runs a regular service.

The Bad

Again, the service is only available between 5 am and midnight. Passengers arriving during the night will not be able to take a London Underground train into central London and will have to look at other option including late night coach transfers, or a London airport taxi transfer service. Making changes on the underground can be difficult when handling heavy luggage. Many stations do not have step-free access and often have relatively long walks between lines; for example the change between the Northern and Central lines at Bank can take up to ten minutes, and involves lots of stairs.

The Price

Oyster card users can use their pass to ride the underground between Heathrow and London; all terminals are in Zone 6. The cost of a single trip is around £5, while a day-ticket will cost only a little extra and will give the holder access to London transport including underground, bus, and ferries for 24 hours.



Coach services run between Heathrow and Central London on a regular basis. The main provider of airport transfers in London is National Express.

The Good

The service runs 24 hours a day, with three coaches an hour during peak times. There are National Express coaches running through the night and the bus station at Heathrow is open 24 hours.

The Bad

Tickets have to be purchased in advance, and though the bus station at Heathrow is open 24 hours, the travel centre is not. Those who arrive late will struggle to acquire tickets if the travel centre is closed.

The Price

Taking the coach is neither the most comfortable, cheapest, or quickest way to travel between London and Heathrow Airport. Tickets cost an average of £15 and the journey takes around an hour.


Taxi Transfer

The most personal, reliable, and comfortable way to travel between central London and Heathrow Airport is by private taxi transfer.

The Good

Airport transfer taxis, like those from Amitours, will pick customers up a specified time, ad take them directly to their destination in London. Passengers will not have to worry about changing at stations, finding the correct route, or hefting luggage around.

Travelling by road gives passengers that chance to take in the sights of London while they drive through the city, meaning the trip can start as soon as you’re off the plane. Taxi operators keep tabs on flight so they’ll know if your flight has been delayed and you’re to arrive later than expected.

You’ll be able to recognise your driver by the I-pad he’ll hold up with your name on it.

The Price

As an example, an Amitours taxi transfer picking up from Heathrow, heading to central west London, in the afternoon is priced at £41 for up to three passengers. Three people sharing the cost would pay less than £14 each – cheaper than both the Heathrow Express and National Express coach.

A pickup at midnight, on the same terms levies no extra charges, again the cost is only £41. To calculate the cost of your trip, for your whole party, follow the link to the airport transfer quote page and fill in your details.