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Getting to London from Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is London’s second busiest airport, taking as many as 800 flights a day. When visiting London as either a business or leisure passenger, it pays to plan ahead for the journey between Gatwick Airport and central London.

Visitors would be forgiven for assuming that London, as one of the world’s biggest cities, runs a twenty four hour service between its airports and the centre of the city. Unfortunately, it’s not the case and many passengers have been left stranded at the Gatwick until morning because a lack of planning.



The Gatwick Express is a regular train service which runs between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria. It runs on a regular service for most of the day.

The Good

The Gatwick Express offers a quick option for getting between the airport and London. The journey is schedules to take 30 minutes, and 35 minutes on Sundays, and it runs every 15 minutes in both directions.

The Bad

Though Victoria Station is in central London, few journeys will end there. Passengers will have to change to the underground, local bus services, or local rail services at Victoria station, adding time and price to the journey. A regular service from First Capital Connect links Gatwick with London Bridge Station, though this is not an express service.

The Price

The single are for an adult is £19.90 (correct on 05.02.2013) with a £2 reduction for tickets bought online in advance. A return ticket costs £34.90.



There is no direct access to Gatwick Airport form central London on the underground. Gatwick Airport is outside of the normal zones for Travelcard and Oyster travel.



National Express is the principal bus services for airport transfers between Gatwick Airport and London. While EasyBus also offers a low-cost transfer option for passengers using any airline.

The Good

National Express runs a regular service between Gatwick and London Victoria throughout the day, between 5am and midnight. Easy Bus is a 24 hour service which is low-cost and available to all passengers regardless of the airline they use to arrive at Gatwick. The EasyBus London bus terminal is at Earls’ Court.

The Bad

Travelling between Gatwick and Central London by coach takes around an hour and a half, dependent of traffic. Travelling from underground stations within London, to a final destination, can be tricky when carrying luggage as many stations do not have step-free access.

The Price

The National Express is similar to that of the Gatwick Express transfer service with prices coming in between £15 and £20. EasyBus advertises fares form as little as £2, though it is rare to find fares at this rate, fares very rarely exceed £10.


Taxi Service

An airport transfer by taxi offers the most comfortable and direct between Gatwick Airport and your final destination. With Amitours airport taxi transfers can be booked well in advance of your flight date.

The Good

Each Amitours driver will carry an I-pod with the name of his passenger on, making it easy to identify your driver when arriving at Gatwick after a long flight. A taxi transfer will take you from the airport pick up point all the way to the door of your hotel without the need to change transport during your journey. A private taxi will pick up at any time of night or day, long after other services have ceased to operate.

The Price

Booking a private taxi for transfer between Gatwick and London is surprisingly affordable, whether you choose to travel on your own, or with a group. The Amitours price for a private taxi transfer from London airports is based on the cost of the journey, rather than on a per person basis. Three people sharing a single car can share the cost of the journey between them.